Things I wish I had known…

I don’t wish I knew any of this, because I am happy with the way things are. But I read a post in another blog, which made me wanna write this. It’s the Bulgarian style, because life in America and life in Bulgaria differ a lot.

Here are the ten things you wish you had known when you were 15 or somewhere about that age…


1. You ain’t in a hurry to go to… WHERE? You don’t even have a clue where you want to go. You just know that you have to get there on time? But how do you know that? You know it, because someone told you that, and that someone paved the way for future disappointments and regrets – for you, not being on time at a place where you don’t know you want to be.

So! Think… be smart. Decide what you want to do and then hurry! Because actually they ain’t wrong about that – there is no time.

2. It’s not the end… Life goes on. There is always a way. You failing a class ain’t gonna “ruin your future career”. If you are creative, you will always find your way. But they ain’t teaching you that in school.

3. German! No matter how much you don’t like that language, it is always smart to learn it. I hate it, but German is my life jacket now. (шметерлинг, не шметерлинг, тва е)

4. Your grandmother appears always to be right. When your 15 you don’t know it, but later you will see it. So, you can save her the heart attack, listen to her and not argue the whole time. She knows better. (But careful with the food she gives you, cus she ain’t right about that – you can get fat or you are already fat).

5. Sports are always good for you. When your mom makes you go, just go:) Just do it!

6. Be crazy. Don’t be afraid to be different. Show you character, have one. It will help you a lot in the future not to be just another conformist… It will help you to be great, because great people ain’t afraid to show their character.

7. Don’t judge. Don’t be just another little prick. Accept people. It’s good that we are all different. If you don’t like somebody, just don’t play with him. Don’t go and annoy him, cus he ain’t “as awesome as you are”. It’s that easy.

8. Have an opinion! It’s good when you listen to your parents and get along with them, but don’t be like their puppy. When you are a kid, you can still have an opinion. And it’s good for you to actually have one. You don’t have to be fully grown to be allowed to have an opinion. Parents ain’t always right. What they say – it ain’t always true. Or it may not just be your truth. So, it’s good for you to think.

9. Reading is amazing! It will help you develop your character and broaden your horizons. It will help you be creative. Smart is sexy.

10. And finally – LIVEEEEEEEE! Just live your life. Take action, just do it. Make mistakes, fix them. Fall in love, fall out of love. Experience is precious. Experience is knowledge and they can’t teach you that in school. Only life can teach you.



2 thoughts on “Things I wish I had known…

  1. I enjoyed reading this! I’m from England so it’s quite interesting seeing the difference between our two countries- yet the advice still applies!



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