Feel the USA

I walked right into a movie I had once seen. Imagine waking up in your own bed, in your cozy hometown, and some 48 hours later – going to sleep in your new bed in Corolla, right on the other side of the Atlantic ocean! It’s the drug of life. It’s the euphoric rush you feel inside of you, it’s the anxiety and lost sense of reality, all in one. ❤

It’s weird how you can see something day after day, get used to it, know it. You can not touch it, but you know that it exists. We see America everyday on our TV screens. We watch the movies, we start to recognize places, which we have seen more than once. At some point – it feels like you know America, but still – the only America you know is the one that exist on your TV screen.

Imagine walking right into it…


The long journey and lack of sleep don’t help for your lost sense of reality. You have to touch it to know it is real. You have to touch America to know it ain’t just a movie set you are now walking in!

24 (3)

It’s amazing how your reality can change over 48 hours. It’s a long way from Sofia to Corolla.

We traveled by small plane, by bigger plane, by taxi, by car, by bus, by shuttle bus… and we walked. I couldn’t stop feeling as if I was part of one movie, then a different one, and a different one…


What is even more amazing, is how after living in the States for three months when you see your fellow Bulgarians – you feel like in a Bulgarian movie.

The two worlds are so different from each other, it’s like one of them couldn’t exist. It’s like one of them had to be an illusion.

* * *

And I wonder:

Do you know Corolla?

Do you know Sofia?

I have to tell you – if you are living in either one of those cities – try going to the other one! It’s once-in-your-lifetime kind of experience, limited only to a few.

Try finding your “once-in-your-lifetime kind of experience”. The one life has to offer only to you and another handful of people…



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