Casa do Mar

I’ve never cared for houses. I don’t like houses. Houses are just houses. I’m not an architect, I don’t appreciate the art of architecture and building houses, I don’t dream of building or owning a house.

Honestly, I don’t give a damn about houses.

But! There is this one house that I really like. And I miss that house. And that house couldn’t be any further away, but at the other end of Europe…

It’s in Cascais, Portugal. A small white house, right next to the ocean. I went there every month. I saw the tree next to it bloom. I saw the seasons change and how the house looked during each.

I rate sunsets as one of the most depressing things in life, but sunset looked good on that house.

I never saw the people who lived there, I even suspect they were never there.

Seagulls were always flying around.

Fisherman’s boats were always there.

You could hear the waves and smell the ocean.

I may not like houses, but apparently I fell in love with one…

Casa do Mar





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