Watching the 4th-of-July-fireworks

Watch the greatest fireworks of the greatest country in the world! Is it? Are they? Still – Check. 

What I like about the USA and the 4th of July – are movies, and the movie “The Independence Day”. I was in third grade, when I was about to go to my first school trip at the seaside. I had all my bags packed. Only time had to pass, so I can go. The bus was supposed to leave at 11 p.m. and my luggage had already been ready since early afternoon. Full of excitement and zero patience I had to stare at the clock and watch the arrows move slowly towards 11 a clock.

Then something amazing happened. At 8 p.m. they started to play “The Independence Day” on TV. A movie, that couldn’t seem a bit more fantastic to me, since America was the the fantasy world itself. Aliens coming from another planet to America was like watching two different alien kinds meet. I don’t exactly remember the movie itself, but what I remember is the strong feeling of seeing something unknown and being drawn to it.

Ten to twelve years later I was there. I was watching the 4th-of-July-fireworks, waiting for aliens to come. Or maybe I was the alien, who met the other kind.

I celebrated the 4th of July on the Outer Banks, in Corolla. It was a wonderful green meadow, full of Americans, near the sound. We laid on a blanket in the grass. Me, my Bulgarian friend and our American friend, who was half Italian.

On that remote half-island half-ocean fireworks lasted for so long that I had enough time to get lost. It was like watching a movie. It started, you got suck in it, you waited for the climax and soon you knew it all had to come to an end. Then the sky got dark blue to black again.

Near us was the Currituck Lighthouse. Lights will guide you home… I love lighthouses, I love them for what they are. They are the ocean – the sailors – the ships – the nights – the one home you have.

The night I spent on the 4th of July in America.


I like to go back and rethink specific moments of my life. Like the above one. Then – I like to connect moments from the past to the present. Or the nearer past to this other far-away-past. You can make some amazing discoveries. Life is fucking beautiful, it ain’t a lie. You can link different events in you life and build an amazing life line. Then you can do it again.

You can stop and think about it – how did I do it?

Did I do it on purpose?



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