Panorama della Dolna Dikanya, Bulgaria

^ On the photo above: Panorama della Dolna Dikanya. Lake and village Dolna Dikanya, near the city of Pernik.

In the distance you can see the highest mountain range in Bulgaria and on the Balkans – Rila mountain.

As in regard of the beautiful lake with the blue fisherman’s boat in it – that’s Dolna Dikanya. A small village in which currently live 460 people. It’s located just 40 minutes away by car from Sofia and I guess you all know what that means…

It means that it’s the perfect destination for a weekend getaway! Woohoo!

These are the GPS coordinates: 42°44’29″N 23°13’26″W 


Dolna Dikanya is great for picnicking! If though you forget to bring food (to a picnic), there is a small place right by the lake where you can eat some really tasty meatballs (kebapche & kiufte) with fried potatoes or Shopska salad. You can have a cold beer, “fresh from the mountain”, like the slogan of the Bulgarian beer Pirinsko says. Still, rather not count on that place being open since it does not have a strict working schedule. Prepare some food in advance, just in case. 🙂

You can also feed the ducks, play outdoor games, take a long walk around the lake. Camping there is great, and so is fishing.

Dolna Dikanya is an amazing place where you can enjoy some freedom and a beautiful day surrounded by craaazy beautiful nature! For a joyful life I don’t need more than this, I don’t know about you guys…

So, happy travels to you all and greetings from Bulgaria!



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