Top selfie destination Venice

Visiting Venice for a third time after 3 years, I wonder – who the fuck would want to go there for a romantic holiday?

Romance in Venice is officially dead

If you haven’t been to Venice recently, let me paint you a picture of it. The city is still overwhelmingly beautiful, but in your romantic idea of a weekend getaway you have to bear in mind a few things.

They are gonna try to sell you a selfie stick at approximately every 10 meters. You can buy it for 8 to 10 euros.

If you happen to buy a selfie stick, or already have one, you might have to wait in line for the desired selfie on the famous Rialto bridge.

If you are patient enough to wait (or push your way to the good spots for photos) you just have to be flexible enough to make your selfie with all the tourist around you trying to do the same. Don’t even think it is possible to take a normal photo without any strangers appearing on it as well.

You simply want to stand and enjoy the view from one of the many bridges? Are you crazy? There are people actually waiting to take photos and you, just standing there? You are in their way, you should move. Bridges are for photos to be posted on facebook, instagram, whatever…

Click, click, click – it’s how Venice sounds 

While you are walking around the city you can see the beautiful buildings… okay, you can almost see them – you just have to imagine that the thousand souvenir shops along the way are not there, not concealing half of the building facades. Just buy a magnet for your fridge, yeah, don’t overthink it.

If you want to be romantic, of course you can go for the gondola rides. But from what I saw, gondolas are just another selfie opportunity rather than an enjoyable ride through the canals of Venice.

There is this photo I took… and Venice looks beautiful as hell.

1 (13)

But as it appears, photos can be deceivable. Don’t understand me wrong – like I said myself, Venice is still beautiful as hell, that hasn’t changed. What I am trying to say is that we sucked the romance out of it and we are continuing to ruin the magic of this amazing city.

I love Venice and I love the symbolism – the city of love sinking.

A doomed city, doomed like many of our love affairs

If you see yourself on a romantic getaway in Venice – you might have to reconsider. Sure, you will probably have a nice time, but it won’t be a real-venice-time, since there is no hint of romance left anymore. The atmosphere is hectic, the streets are overcrowded and it all seems like one big charade.

The best thing you can do is to escape the main touristic path and get lost in the small streets, as far as possible from the crowds of selfie hunters and people who don’t seem to know why they are there.

I don’t want to see pictures of Venice anymore, I feel sick of them. They are all just a pretend. Romance in Venice is officially dead.



19 thoughts on “Top selfie destination Venice

  1. My sentiments exactly. Venice feels so overrated. Been there on the past 3 weeks.
    There are so much crowd, the only canal view is line of people on the bridge taking photos. It is the biggest crime to stand still at one place. You most probably blocking other people view. And where do this selfie stick seller come from? They are like all over Italy. Tons can be found in Rome and Florence as well. My thinking is selfie stick should be banned!!! hahahah….

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    1. I am absolutely with on banning the selfie sticks! 😀 But how did you survive three weeks in Venice? I went crazy just for 2 days. What did you do? You should share tips for spending a quality time there, without getting really annoyed.

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      1. Hahaa..sorry. Let me rephrase.. been there 3 weeks ago. I also there only for a day. Can’t imagined how i turn out to be if it is 3 weeks. Maybe a trail of broken selfie stick along the venice canal? Hahahaah..


  2. Well, who would expect a tourist trap like Venice would be crowded with tourists? A simple solution – don’t expect to go where everyone else goes and expect to be alone. Europe’s a big place, and there are thousands of cities virtually untouched by mass tourism, its up to you, me and everyone else to choose to visit them.

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    1. Yeah, it’s true – Europe is big enough, we can go anywhere. I went to Venice on my way to Ljubljana, apart from that I have no desire to spend a holiday in Venice. I may not want to go there, cus like you said I would rather avoid the “tourist traps”, but even not wanting to go there I for sure appreciate the unique beauty of this city. And I don’t see people appreciating that beauty anymore, I see them just ruining it and taking selfies. For me it’s hard to not be annoyed by it. Avoiding places like this is easy, but sooner or later you run into a place you used to love, all ruined, cus it became a top tourist destination… It’s amazing. 🙂


      1. Well, let’s not say ‘ruined’ but ‘became rather different’, or ‘not like you remember it’.

        It is hard to appreciate a place like Amsterdam, Prague or Venice through the crowds. Fortunately, as soon as you set two steps off the main track, the streets become much less tramped, even in the most touristy places.


      2. Oh that so depends on “favorite for what”. I mean, a place that is good as a food destination can be terrible for weather. The Pyrenees were pretty close to having it all but that’s rather big to be called a “destination”.

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  3. Another idea would be to enjoy Venice at night. Once the Navi Grandi leave San Marco you got significantly fewer tourists. Most of the people aren’t staying in Venice anyways overnight, which is kind of a pity as Venice is already suffocating on the tourists flowing in and out with no one actually bothering to spend money in there. There are quieter parts to the city which can be enjoyed.

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    1. Yes, you are right about that – Venice is really nice late in the evening… and I can only imagine how much nicer it is during the night when all the orks have left! 🙂 Next time I am there, I will for sure go around during the night.


  4. I thought Venice was enchanting. We followed the advice of many to “get lost” down tiny alleys off the beaten path. We loved it. And when we finally made our way to St. Mark’s square, we enjoyed that too. Even though there were thousands of people. It was just another different side of Venice. Everyone should experience Venice!

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    1. Fair enough. But in my opinion experience and visit are two different things we are talking about. What I was trying to say with this blog post was that to me it seemed like many people are visiting Venice just for the sake of saying they did so.


  5. No desire to visit Venice, thankfully. I don’t think I would like it. It’s so disappointing to go to a place and find it’s so overrun by tourists you can hardly stop for a second to take a picture or you’ll be trampled.


  6. I love Venice. Yes Venice is very touristy but there is a ton of places to go in Venice that are quiet. A couple things a recommend. Go to the outer areas of the city, just as beautiful but less people, go in the spring or fall, at that time there is less people and you get to meet a lot of locals and I also recommend going to the outside islands such as Murano. Give Venice another chance it will be worth it!



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