First time in sLOVEnia

As we all know the first time is always special.

The first time does not repeat. The second and third are second and third, it’s the first one that is the special one (it can be special in a specially awful way or in a specially fantastic way, but always special).

Whatever crosses your mind during your first time, during the second and third most likely won’t. Because, these are your first impressions.

During your first time you can experience some unforgettable things. 

During your first time your senses are heightened – you don’t know what, and from where, can surprise you, so you better look out.

So many things can be born from your first time… ideas, friendships, etc. 

You better take notes from your first time…



If you are wondering how you can become a true Slovenian I can help you with that. All you have to to is climb Triglav, the highest mountain in Slovenia and the highest peak of the Julian Alps. It’s just 2,864 meters high and the real fun comes at the top – you are gonna be “spanked”! Yep, that’s the tradition. Everyone who climbs to the top is being spanked with a whip on his bottom. If you survive both the climbing and the spanking, you deserve the honor of calling yourself a true Slovenian.


^ One happy fake Slovenian ❤


You better be talking about the beer and not the special (a little bit creepy) amphibian. The olm, called by locals “human fish” is a symbol of Slovenian natural heritage. You can google it and enjoy its pretty looks. The human fish is а salamander which lives in caves, eats, breaths and sleeps underwater. It’s conversation status is pretty vulnerable and the olm is actually the only specie left in it’s family.

You cannot eat a human fish, but you can for sure have a pint of Human Fish, brewed locally in Slovenia. You can find the beer in most, but not all pubs. I consider it the real Slovenian deal, yeah.


60% of the inhabitants in Slovenia live in the villages and only 40% in the cities. Comparing this to Bulgaria, where 2 million out of 7,2 live in the capital Sofia, no wonder I am surprised by these percentages.The depopulation of the villages and the overpopulation of the capital is one of the demographic problems of Bulgaria and seeing it the other way around really took me by surprise. How is it in your countries?

For the Labour day we went to the celebrations in one of the villages near Ljubljana, Vrbljene. On the night before the first of May they light a huge bonfire and gather around it. There is plenty of traditional food, drinks and music. Running in your underwear with your friends around the fire is one of still young traditions.

1 (7)

^ Iška Vas, a village near Ljubljana ❤


I left Slovenia telling “left and right” (a Bulgarian expression, meaning that you are telling something to everyone you meet), that Slovenia is “green and clean, and I love it!”. That’s the first thing that comes out of my mouth every time they ask me whether I liked it or not. It’s been quite some time since I’ve been in a country with no cigarette buds on the ground.

During the Free walking tour of Ljubljana, the first time they asked us if we have any questions regarding the city, a guy asked – how is it so clean? Exactly my thoughts and for sure not just mine.


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