First sights of Washington D.C.²

We walk on the same street – I see the faces of passersby, you see the faces of buildings. 

You and me are you and me. 

We may walk the same path, but we will never have it the same way. 

What you see, what you feel, what you’ll remember – is unique. 

Your way is unique. 

So remember this one – we may travel together, but we are always on different journeys. 

The story I tell, will always be different from hers.



My new bed in a new wonderland

We had just stepped out of the 12-hour flight when we realized we had 12 more hours to wait for the bus which would only take us to the city, near to where we actually had to go. Bulgaria – France – USA or Sofia – Paris – Washington DC. This were just the flights.

Back in Sofia we were so exited to reach the capital of the USA and walk it all at once. Suddenly, we were there, just too shocked and not knowing how to stay awake.

I will never ever forget this moment, this day of my life.

I had just arrived in Washington D.C. – the capital of freedom and I had no strength to be free.

So we had 12 hours (from 12 PM to 12 AM) to look around the city. We started with the park next to the national bus station. It was a nobly, fairy park with squirrels and brides all around it.

Тhen we saw a bench… I’m now sure it was a siren pretending to be a big comfortable bed. And we just gave ourselves up to it.  From “big city girls” from Bulgaria we became homeless sleeping girls on a bench in the capital of the USA.

And then the rain came to make the story real.

It was amazing!




“Coming in America”

I am pretty sure I will never forget the exact moment I walked out of that Air France plane and stepped on American ground.

“Welcome, welcome!”, hysterically coming from a smiling Indian steward, were the first words for me to hear. He was waving and smiling, waving and smiling, with his eyes wide open, staring right at us. The moment was precious.

Outside of the airport – the air was heavy, you could cut it with a knife. For a moment there, I thought I would suffocate. Like a vampire who had just stepped into the sun and was not allowed there.

Then, on the shuttle from the airport to Union Station, a strong-movie-like-american speech hit me. I couldn’t understand a word.

I don’t have a clue how we were making it from one place to another, since apparently the shock was stronger than us.

We went to buy drinks and they gave us small lemonades, which were like one liters each?

And I remember us walking in the park… half asleep, half awake. I saw a bride and a groom, in the city that I will always remember as “The white city”.

“It ain’t that different”, I thought.




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