Aylak – do you have that word in your language?

Hey-ho-hey, dear bloggers! I would like to ask you something today:

Do you have the equivalent of the word “aylak” in your language and if yes, what is it?

Aylak is a frequently used word in Bulgaria. The word itself actually comes from Turkish and means a person without a job, an unemployed.

In Bulgaria we use aylak as a slang for a laid-back person who doesn’t worry or is bothered about anything.

– Do you know Pesho? 

– Oo, Pesho, he is a big aylak! 

Aylak is also a state. For example:

– How are you today? 

– Oo, “aylak from everywhere”. 

This pretty much means you are just perfect, everything is fine, life is good, just chilling and enjoying.

Aylak can be used in the phrase “bichim si aylaka”. This means you are taking it easy, pretty much doing nothing, but enjoying yourself.  For example:

– What, have you been doing these days? 

– A, “bichim si aylaka”. 

Aylak can be used as a synonym for free. For example:

– Today I am aylak. 

This means that today you are free – you have no work or any other kind of obligations.

So, are you aylak? 😀




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