Krushuna waterfalls: Peace and love

If you are in Bulgaria now, but you are not Bulgarian and you are wondering where all the Bulgarian beauty is hidden (in case you don’t see the beautiful Bulgarian girls and other beautiful stuff!),the first place you should go is Krushuna village.

But if you are Bulgarian, I am sure, you have heard about it! So, go for it!

If you need to rest.
If you need to dream.
If you need to love.

If you have lost hope.
If you have lost love.
If you have lost your spiritual peace.

 Try with pure nature.

Go to Krushuna waterfalls. That’s all you need.


What you’re gonna see?

A wild jungle with wild pure blue water running all around.

What you’re gonna feel?

Burst of energy, love and peace. You’re gonna feel like you are a part of nature.

Just try it.

It’s going to become your favorite anti-bad-mood pill!



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