Sofia, where’s your Christmas spirit?

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas… (Michael Buble singing). Well, it’s not! At least not here in Sofia. The sun is shining and it looks more like December in California!

Even though I am really enjoying the sun and the fact that it’s not freezing outside, I cannot say that I am not a tiny bit disappointed by the evident lack of Christmas spirit.

But after all, if you know where to look, you can still have your Christmas moments in Sofia. Here are some ideas of places you can visit or things you can do to properly enjoy this year’s holidays. (:

Spend a day at Aleko Chalet on VItosha Mountain

Going to Aleko was like making a trip to Laplandia! I hadn’t seen snow since last year and I was really excited to find out that on Vitosha it was like all of a sudden you are a part of a winter fairytale. The sun is still shining, but there is snow everywhere and it looks dazzling!

Inside the Aleko Chalet was warm and cozy. We sat next to the fireplace and ate beans with sausage, which is the most typical Bulgarian “chalet food”.

Aleko is the tourist and winter sports centre on Vitosha and is just 40-50 minutes away from the center of Sofia by car, which basically means that you can teleport yourself there anytime you want. You can also take the gondola lift from the suburb of Simeonovo. The two-way ticket costs 10 leva (€5) for adults and 8 leva (€4) for students.

Dress warm, drive safely and may the Christmas spirit of Vitosha Mountain be with you!

Visit the Christmas Market in the city center


The Christmas market is situated right in the heart of Sofia in “Gradskata gradina”(The City Garden). You can always stop by for a cup of Glühwein or grog, and a bite of tasty Bratwurst mit Kartoffeln. Nom nom.

Hurry up and visit the Christmas Market, because it will be open only till the end of this week!

Eat delicious food at #SofiaMezi Balkan Christmas

I already love this one even thought it hasn’t started yet! Imagine all the tasty food they will have there! ❤

#SofiaMezi Balkan Christmas will be held from 17th till 23rd of December in the area between the National Stadium and metro station “Vasil Levski”. A small Christmas town of 25 cottages and a big concert scene will be built. In the cottages will be featured representatives of the most popular brands on the Bulgarian market, which will offer a great variety of tasty dishes, beverages, desserts, Christmas gifts and entertainment for all ages! Every day at 20h will be a special concert! The entry to #Sofia Mezi is free!

Invite Christmas into your home

After all, “If the mountain won’t come to Muhammad then Muhammad must go to the mountain.” Creative decorations, homemade Glühwein and Christmas movies are all you need to transform your home into Christmas town.

99 lives mulled wine recipe:

The mulled wine is super easy to make at home. You need a bottle of cheap wine, a little bit of honey, an apple, an orange, cinnamon and cloves. Put the wine in a small pot and when it’s heated add the honey first (up to your taste), then the cinnamon, the cloves, the orange peels and the apple slices. Let everything cook away and warm up gently so the flavors have time to mingle with the wine.

Advice: Try it! There is no strict recipe you have to follow, you just have to make it the way you like it the most.

And cheers!

And finally, some movie recommendations: The Holiday, Love Actually, The Family Stone. Or Harry Potter, Home alone and The Polar Express 😀

Oh! I almost forgot! Don’t forget to listen to Michael Buble’s Christmas album!


Happy holidays!

99 lives



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