Don’t move to London if…

You are going to do an unpaid internship and you are not a millionaire

If you don’t have enough savings in your bank account to cover your stay, consider it twice. London is a really expensive city and if you’re used to spending a lot, going out on a regular basis, eating out, etc., you have to be aware of the fact that by doing an unpaid internship there, you would have to live on a budget. On a really tight one.


A day travel card for the central parts of London costs alone £12.10. The monthly card for Zones 1-2 (only) is £124.50. London is huge and walking is not really an option.

Don’t get me started on how much you’d have to pay for your accommodation… The weekly rent for a “decent” room is usually above £150 and by saying a room, I actually mean something closer to a shoe box. Maybe, just maybe, the situation would be a little bit better, if finding a place to stay wasn’t such a nightmare. But it is… believe me!

So, go to London only if you are going to be on a paid job or if you are rich enough. 🙂

You love the sun and hate the rain

They ain’t joking about the shitty London weather! I underestimated that fact and felt really down, while being there. If you are a true lover of the sun and more than 5 days of bad weather affect your mood, I would suggest that you don’t move to London. I know there are a lot people who would get used to it, which is really good for them, but there are also that kind of people who need the sun in their lives. If you are one of those people, you understand what I mean. 😉 I also met a lot people living in London who years after they’ve moved haven’t gotten used to the bad weather and it makes them feel blue all of the time.

So, don’t go to London! It really rains a lot. It’s even hard to open your umbrella either because of the wind, or because of the crowds of people, which make it almost impossible to walk with an opened one. Maybe you could wear a raincoat, now that I think about it? But every single day… come on…

Everything is also wet and grey. Usually, even when it’s cold outside, I love to go out to the park and take a sit on a bench – but yeah, not in London. Like I said – everything is wet!

You don’t like big cities

Picadilly circus_London_99lives

London is reaaally big. More than 10 million are living there! If you are currently in a 2-million city and you’re already thinking “Wow. Too many people on the streets.”, you probably won’t feel any better in London where there are like 5 times more. The city is crazy busy. When you are in the central areas it’s like it’s always rush hour. Everyone is in a hurry, pedestrians, cars – and don’t forget that UK has the left-hand traffic (!), so it’s all a big mess.

To be honest, I didn’t see many people strolling around the city… except for a few tourists. Time is money and that must be what Londoners believe in.

You don’t like traveling from one place to another for too long


Like previously said, London is huge. If you are living in Zone 4 for example, it would take you up to one hour to get to the center. The underground system is quite good, but still doesn’t eliminate the fact that you’ll have to spend a lot of time underground. During peak time the tube’s extremely overcrowded and stressful.

Traveling by car doesn’t seem to be much more time-saving, as there is a lot of traffic. Walking isn’t an option either, because distances are big and only a few are lucky enough to find a place 5 minutes away from their work.

You are not motivated enough

Don’t just decide to move to London on a whim. That’s the worst mistake you could make! You should consider it very carefully and you should have the right motivation. Why do you want to go there? Is it for the money? Are you willing to work hard for what you wish to achieve? Can you achieve it there? Is the place where you are currently living not satisfying your needs or simply not good for you? Can you find in London what you are missing in your life right now?

You have to ask yourself those questions and decide if London is the right place for you. Moving there is a big investment and you want to be sure that you would want to stay there until it pays off.

You simply want to enjoy life

Go to London for the money, not for the simple joys of life! It’s all ’bout the money. It’s all ’bout the dum dum……. (you remember the song?). Yeah, I believe in London it’s all about that. If you want to REALLY enjoy life – go to Portugal!

London Eye_99lives

London and Lisbon are like two different galaxies. I am not saying that one of them is right and the other is wrong. I am saying that only one of them is right for you and the other is not. It depends on what kind of person you are. What do you want out of your life? Where are you currently at? Are you highly motivated and willing to go to the top of your career? Or are you in the pursuit of happiness?  What makes you feel happy?

Know yourself and know which places are simply not right for you and which are. 10 million people may be living in London and loving it, but that does not mean it’s the right place for you. Don’t be a follower.

You can go somewhere else

Like stated in the previous point, don’t be a follower. Nowadays, there are opportunities everywhere. Look for them and go for the unknown! That’s the way history is made. The world is big and salvation lurks around the corner…  Not just in London. 😉


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