The edge of Europe is the most beautiful place I have visited

If you ever find yourself standing on the edge of Europe, remember to enjoy it’s fullest. Take photos, make selfies (be careful with that one!), tag yourself in Instagram, in Facebook, but after that turn off your phone. Be in the present moment. Be there with your mind and heart, as this is something you will remember for the rest of your life.

Cabo da Roca_99lives

While living in Portugal I visited Cabo da Roca three times. During the first, I was so excited, I must have taken 1000 photos! I didn’t stop for a moment. I was moving from spot to spot, trying to photograph everything. But being honest, I truly appreciated Cabo da Roca only after I visited it for a second time. And do you know why is that? Cus’ after taking a few photos I completely devoted myself to this magnificent place. Here are some ideas how you can do that.

Look West

Right on the other side of the ocean are the Americas. New York is just across! 😛 So close and yet so far… If you were to think about it, how many people do you assume are sitting on the opposite shore, doing just the same as you? Staring at the ocean. Relaxing. Dreaming…

I remember being on the other side (Hello from the other side). I was sitting on the beach in Corolla, in the OBX, thinking that home is just there. One ocean away.

Please excuse the next picture, I couldn’t help it. 😀


Go down the cliffs (for the adventurous ones)

There is a small path which will take you down the cliffs. If you were to follow it, at some point you will have to use a rope (yes, a rope) to get down. Don’t worry, you don’t have to carry one with you, it’s already there! It’s advisable that you wear comfortable shoes, which don’t slip. That path is not suitable for everyone, so consider if you are really prepared for it.

Down the cliffs_Cabo da Roca_99lives

Not many of the tourists go down the cliffs, mostly Portuguese people. They often go sunbathing and swimming there, as the place is really secluded and it’s like being at your private beach. But, yeah! There is no sand. By saying beach, I mean stones and huge cliffs! 😀

Down the cliffs_Cabo da Roca_99livesCabo da Rocaaa_99lives

Make a short film with your friends

That’s my favorite! Me and my friend, Lippie Hippie, made a few short videos of us singing and talking. Now, I love to watch them and it’s as if I am back there. Just hearing how the wind blows in the background… it’s amazing!

The videos we shot were of us, singing “Soft kitty” and “Smelly cat”. But you can do something more inspiring than us! 😀 Cabo da Roca is the best place for… well, for example shooting a video with a message to your future self! Or to your friends and family back home! Just unleash your imagination and remember that you can always sing “Soft kitty” if you cannot come up with anything else!

Find the best spot to lay down and relax

Cliffs of Cabo da Roca_99lives

Sometimes, the best you could do is something as simple as that. Just lay down. I found my perfect spot on a very comfortable cliff facing the ocean. At first I just stood there, enjoying the once-in-a-lifetime view ahead of me. After that I laid down, put my headphones and listened to my favorite music. The sun was shining, I could smell the ocean and feel the breeze… I will never forget that moment.

Get married

Yeah, why not get married? If by any chance you have your priest friend with you, don’t forget to do that. The second time I visited I witnessed a very cute couple taking their wedding photographs. Unfortunately, I had missed the ceremony.

Cabo da Roca_couple_99lives

I love the feeling of being completely dwarfed by nature and that’s one of the reasons why I loved Cabo da Roca so much. I believe that from time to time it’s good that we are reminded of how small we actually are compared to the greatness of nature.

10 quick tips:

  • Wear comfortable shoes, suitable for walking in the mountain.
  • Prepare food and drinks in advance. If I remember correctly, there is just one restaurant at Cabo da Roca. No other stores.
  • Wear sunscreen! 😀
  • Be careful with the selfies! Unfortunately, there have been some fatal accidents.
  • Be careful in general! Cabo da Roca is really secluded. If you were to go down the cliffs or decide to explore off the beaten path, don’t go alone. Have your phone charged. You know? Take all the precautions needed.
  • You can brig a swimsuit and a towel just in case 😛
  • If you go there by bus, don’t miss the last one back! Check in advance.
  • It’s quite windy out there, don’t forget that fact when choosing what to wear.
  • It’s quite windy, so be careful if wearing a hat!
  • I can’t think of a 10th tip? 😀 Anyone?

Safe travels everyone!


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