Those dogs have something to say to you


He-he! Have you already met those guys? They are the dogs from the Farm! 

I guess there is no need to say that they would love to meet you. Like Johnny (don’t know his real name) on thе second and third photo above. He loves to lay down in the sun, and if possible, someone to rub his tummy. So, who’s up for it?

When can I rub Johnny’s tummy?

If you want to rub Johnny’s tummy you can visit the Farm (Fermata) every Saturday and Sunday. The walks start at 11h (on Saturdays) and at 11:30h (on Sundays).

You don’t have to be right on time. If I remember correctly, the walks continue until 17h. So, if you were to go at 12h, 13h оr 14h, they won’t send you back home.

Where do I have to go to rub Johnny’s tummy?

The Farm, where Johnny is, is located between Gorni and Dolni Bogrov. From the center of Sofia it will take you 20-30 minutes to go there by car. Here’s the map of the exact location of the shelter:

Map by Animal Rescue Sofia

Do have in mind that there are no signs and the Farm is not visible from the main road. That’s why I would suggest that you use the GPS coordinates to find it:  42.707290,23.515156‎ or:  +42° 42′ 26.24″, +23° 30′ 54.56″.

You can also go there by bus – line 90. You have to get off at bus stop “Hancheto” (Ханчето).

Another thing you can do is share a ride with other volunteers. For that check out the Facebook group of the event: here.

What do I have to know before I go to rub Johnny’s tummy?

  • Wear old cloths (!), cus’ Johnny may be lazy, but his friends like to play 😛
  • Bring a bottle of water – you’ll get thirsty, trust me.
  • Bring wet wipes, because your hands will get dirty and right in that moment(!) your nose will start to feel itchy!
  • It’s very likely that it would be muddy aaaaaaaaaand some of the dogs like to play… well, in the dirt! So, choose your shoes wisely!
  • Girls – have something to put your hair up, cus’ it will get in your way the whole time. Boys with long hair too. I almost forgot about you.
  • The dogs are super friendly, so you have no reason to worry about them eating you alive or anything. Chill.

Go make Johnny happy and all other puppies! You can walk as many, as you want! :)))))))))))))))))))))


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