8 things to do in Sofia according to your mood

In this blog post we give our recommendations about how to spend your time in Sofia according to your mood.

For example: I’m missing winter -> Go to a chalga club! In Bulgarian chalga clubs people like to buy tissues, tear them into small pieces and toss them in the air! Tissues are always white, so it’s basically as if it’s snowing! Got it?

Okay, okay, we’ll try to be more serious about our next recommendations… Here we go!

I feel like “di boss”

Fancy kind of boss -> Go to Sense Rooftop. Spectacular view over the top center of the city. That’s the right kind of place for a fancy boss like you. Enjoy the end of your busy day drinking a nice cocktail in one of Sofia’s nicest rooftop bars! Cus’ the boss gotta be on top, right?

Di boss, but yet without $$$ -> There is place for mates like you and me and it’s called Arhivi (Клуб-ресторант “Архиви”). It’s the non fancy version of Sense rooftop bar and IT’S AWESOME! The balcony is huge, you can feel the breeze in your hair, you can see Vitosha mountain in the distance, and the whole city’s right in front of you. DI best place!

Here, take a glimpse. We don’t want to reveal too much!

Arhivi Sofia Rooftop View

I should also not forget to mention that the people who work there are extremely polite and kind. Love them! Love the view! Love the fact that the elevator’s not working now! 😀 Still, climbing all the way to the top is definitely worth it.

I feel so hungry I could eat a horse

-> Go to a BABA! He-he. Do you know what’s “baba”? In Bulgarian a “baba” (баба) means a grandmother. I don’t know how is it in your countries guys, but in Bulgaria babas are famous for the fact that they will feed you until you can no longer breathe.

If you don’t have a baba in Bulgaria you can just go to the baba of a friend of yours. Babas love that even more! They love to feed your friends, and saying no, or “I don’t eat that”, is never an option! So, if you are super duper hungry, you just need to pay a visit to your baba or a friend’s baba.

I feel absolutely fabulous today


-> Go to Vitoshka street. All the fabulous people go there! If you walk Vitoshka from one end to the other, it’s just the same as if you are doing the catwalk at Paris Fashion Week!

Back in the days Vitoshka used to be open for cars and trams, but now it’s a pedestrian zone. Since that happened it slowly turned into a street full of bars, cafés, restaurants and shops, which are on the sides, and right in the middle – is the catwalk!

I’m a model, you know what I mean
And I do my little turn on the catwalk
Yeah, on the catwalk, on the catwalk, yeah
I do my little turn on the catwalk

I’m too sexy for my car
Too sexy for my car
Too sexy by far

And I’m too sexy for my hat
Too sexy for my hat
What d’ya think about that?

I feel like I can kill someone

Relaaaaaax. You don’t have to kill people for no reason. Only if your family has just inherited 4 Million and you are the only one left out. Then you can kill them all (real story). But back to the point!

National Theater Ivan Vazov

-> Just go to the park! Naroden, Borisova, Zaimov, Doktorska, South Park, North Park… wherever! We have so many parks you can choose from! Want to drink with friends after work and until late hours? Want to juggle, slack- line, eat fire or whatever circus stuff you got going? Just go to the park in front of the National Theater!

Sofia is a busy city, but at the same time we know how to unwind and enjoy ourselves. So, peace bro. No killing today.

I feel depressed and I don’t want to feel depressed anymore

-> Go to Sofia Zoo! Fluffy animals are the best antidepressant! Our zoo is not like the modern European zoos. Nothing like the zoo in Berlin or Vienna, which both have great facilities and crowds of people visiting daily. Our Zoo is pretty “rural”, it’s calm and you can be at peace among all of the adorable animals and the greenery around. It definitely has a charm and a pretty unique atmosphere. You should pay it a visit!

I feel depressed and I want to feel even more depressed

-> Go to Sofia Zoo! 😀 To be honest, the Sofia Zoo is like 50/50. It can either lift you up or make you feel really down. The reason for that is that some of the animals live in quite poor conditions due to the lack of financial support for the zoo. That’s why you should go and pay 4 leva (2€) for the entrance! Go, go, go! The animals need you! Paying for the entrance ticket is basically as if you are buying lunch for one prairie dog! Praire dogs need us! #LunchForPraireDogs

I feel adventurous

Tiny bit adventurous, nothing too crazy -> Try some Bulgarian food. Try our cold cucumber soup. Or you could even perhaps try “cooking” it yourself. Here’s the recipe: How To Make Tarator. Other things you can taste: boza, kebapche & kiufte, moussaka, banitsa, lyutenitsa, Bulgarian cheese, tripe soup and many many more.

Bear Grylls kind of adventurous -> Go to Boyana Waterfall. Hopefully you won’t have to drink your own urine, but you could enjoy one nice hike in our lovely Vitosha Mountain. Yeah, that’s right! We have a mountain in Sofia and that’s awesome! Here’s how you to the beautiful Boyana Waterfall: click

Borderline crazy -> Go ride on tram 22. It’s like Balkan Express. The trams are one of the oldest that are still running in Sofia, but the real charm are the people who ride on line 22! Not to insult anyone, but… crrrrRRrrazzy.

I feel like a room without a roof

-> Dude, you are so in the right place! Sofia is heaven for those who feel like a room without a roof!  It doesn’t matter where you’ll go, as long as you carry the happiness inside you, you are good! Sofia is a hard candy, but all those who find a way to love it, know what real love is like. Yeah baby!

We feel fabulous today, so we are now going for a walk on Vitoshka street!

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Cover photo source: gentside.com


One thought on “8 things to do in Sofia according to your mood

  1. Чудесен списък, като винаги. And to be funny in another language, well, kudos to you. We’ll be in Bulgaria this summer and will definitely enjoy Sofia’s fabulous parks and maybe even try Архиви because no need to act the nouveau riche and the only boss we’ve got is our teenage daughter (“I’m right, Mama, and you know I’m right). Having ridden the 20 and 22 trams too many times, I am relieved to know that the Druzhba metro stop is now available.



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