Sofia Hikes – Black Peak in one day (+ 21 AMAZING* photos)

Rise above the city smog, the noise, the storm, the hate, the drama!

Rise above the negativity,

above your problems,

above the bullsh*t!

Rise above it all   ❤

There’s no better therapy for the mind and soul than nature. If you are living in Sofia, we have to tell you this, but you are one hell of a lucky bastard! Yeah right! Your therapist is just a stone’s throw away, just look out the window! (This is a metaphor, we know there’s probably a 20-floor soviet block standing in your way). But yeah, we are talking about Vitosha, baby!

Vitosha mountain – A photo story about Black Peak (Cherni Vrah)

Fatty Gosho welcomes you to Aleko. Hi, Fatty Gosho!
The path that goes to Black Peak (Cherni Vruh) starts right behind the Aleko hut.
Once you get on track, all you have to do is follow the poles. The number on each tells you how far you are from the top.
Go at your own pace. No rush! * I should know 😀 *
The walk from Aleko to Black Peak takes between 1:30 – 2 hours.
This is the top! & that on the photo is the weather station!
Black Peak stands at 2290 m. It’s the 4th highest summit in Bulgaria. #LoveBG
Inside the weather station, built in 1935. Vitosha is the oldest national park on the Balkans. *A random fact I decided was important to mention.*
On the sign: “If you don’t know where you’re going you might wind up someplace else .” True that. If you are wondering about the other sign – it’s the bus schedule.
In the “tea house” (that’s what it says on the door of the station:) you can sit & relax, warm up, drink a cup of hot tea, or a cold bear. For those who are hungry – there is delicious tripe soup! Nom nom.
Johnnie, keep on walking.
Take a look around in all directions. It’s beautiful!
A cute tiny library in the mountains.
“We are all under the same moon.”
Behind the weather station. The sun is starting to set.
At the top is a bit windy, so better have a hat or a hoodie on.
The water supply area has frozen completely. You can’t imagine how slippery it is! (I speak from personal experience).
In the distance – Sofia.
The moon shines so bright! When it gets dark and there are no clouds, the snow starts to shine, reflecting the light of the moon. One word – magical!
The way back.
Simply gorgeous.

* Amzing photos, right?

Cheers! 😉


Other walks in Vitosha you might enjoy:

A chill one – “The Alley of Herbs” 

A more exciting one – The Boyana Waterfalls



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