6 Signs Spring Has Arrived In Bulgaria

Spring is here! Wohoo! Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey! Yuppieeeeeeeeee! Partyyyyyyy!

Wait. Calm down a bit. Why are you so happy about it? What do you know about Spring in Bulgaria? Have you ever considered that MAYBE there is a trick to it? You knooow… it sounds all so nice… the sun is shining, the birds are singing, you are driving with your car window down, the neighbors are gossiping on the bench in front of the “panelki” (Soviet style panel buildings), everyone is happy and smiling… But wait. Like I said. Maybe 😀

The first day of Spring looks like…

Bulgarian Spring

A moment of silence for the first day of the astronomical Spring in 2018.

Baba Marta rules the weather

Maybe because Baba Marta is you know… a woman, but the weather in March is famous for being unpredictable and moody LIKE A WOMAN. If I may correct myself – like a woman on her period. Or even better! Like a woman on birth control pills! Now please go to the comment section for all discussions about gender equality, freedom of expression and speech, sexists blogging and whatever else bothers you in this paragraph. We will censor it anyways! Just joking. We won’t. We love to see you fight. Dirty. So go for it!

So, here is our beloved Baba Marta thinking:

“Hmm. Why not fit all season in one week? Cool, yeah right? I know.”

Spirng in Bulgaria

Photo source: Дневна доза “Класическа Майна” (Yes, for real 😀 ) 

Should I unpack my summer clothes??

Mom, where are my boots? Did you take them to the basement already?!

Winter or summer tires? Winter or summer tires?? Winter or summer tireeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees???????/

Okay. Is winter over already?? Do I start to go out and see people now?

Sadly, it doesn’t end here… Now you will see why you should not judge me for saying that the weather in March is like a woman on birth control pills!

Baba Marta on birth control pills:

“I’ve got a better idea! Why not fit all seasons into one DAY!”

And here comes a typical day for us during March…


Photo source: Дневна доза “Класическа Майна”

For those of you who are wondering who that “Baba Marta” is, it is the lady that brings the end of winter (or at least is supposed to do so!) and the beginning of spring according to Bulgarian folklore. On the 1st of March we celebrate her holiday of the same name by exchanging martenitsas.

You can check this article if you want to learn more “weird” stuff about Bulgaria: 10 Тhings Bulgarians Аlways Have To Explain To Foreigners

Storks move in with you

Spring is here and so are your new roommates! The storks!


Photograph: Dimitar Dilkoff

This one actually comes with a great story, that even made it to The Guardian. A Bulagrian called  Safet Halil encountered a group of distressed storks, covered in ice and rescued them by bringing them to his house to warm them up. His act of kindness initiated a wave of support for distressed by the cold storks, with many Bulgarians actually taking them in to help them recover.

Here is a link to the full story by The Guardian: Bulgarians rush to save a phalanx of distressed, frozen storks

Martenitsas start to appear on blooming trees

According to tradition, you are supposed to take-off your martenitsa when you see a stork or a blooming tree. In case you are not one of those people who have six storks living at home and you only see birds on TV (yes, this one doesn’t count), your other option is to put your martenitsa on a blooming tree when you spot one.

When trees start to look like the one on the photo below we know for a fact that spring is already here. 🙂


Everything changes and nothing changes

That one is a bit philosophical, let me explain. In spring we change the time, meaning we have to move the clocks one hour forward. So far, so good. BUT what happens in fact is, that all city clocks DO NOT change and continue to show the old time. WHY? Because nobody bothers to change them 😀

You see! Everything changes, nothing changes… I told you!

And here is one quick riddle for you. How come some of the clocks show the updated spring time, without anyone having adjusted them?

I will give you a few seconds to think about it. If you figure it out, you can call yourself a true Balkan person. I’m sure in Switzerland this cannot happen.

Well, here is the answer…

It is because nobody adjusted them in the first place when it was the winter time change! As amazing as it is, these clocks are now going to be perfectly punctual! Chaos has its own order.

Facebook turns into a weather forecast channel

We just have to complain about the weather. We can’t help it. Everyone has to share at least one post about their own misfortunes caused by the snow or there will be an apocalypse. It’s like a silent agreement we all have.


This one is saying that the Summer is not coming, because you are still fat. 😀

Where is your post about the weather?

Snowdrops start to flower

Last but not least, probably the most well-known symbol of spring in Bulgaria are the little snowdrops. As soon as they start appearing, we know spring is coming! Even when they are covered with snow, we Bulgarians, continue to believe that spring is on its way! 😀




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Disclaimer: Some of the above-listed SYMPTOMS of Spring are just as well valid for most countries on the Balkans. We feel for you as well, our friends!


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