8 Google Searches About Bulgaria: Explained

Let’s start by sorting out a major one.

Does Bulgaria still exist

Does Bulgaria still exist

Seriously? 😀

Yes! No change in that since 681 AD.

In fact, Bulgaria is the oldest country in Europe which hasn’t changed its name since its formation.

Where is Bulgaria

Google Serach_Where is Bulgaria

Okay Google, we see you have narrowed it down. We are right here! Here, here! In Europe! Look at us! * little girl jumping excitedly in a crowd, hoping someone to notice her*

Another mind-blowing fact is that we are also part of the European Union! What is more, we even have a metro station called “European Union” just to remind ourselves we HAVE ARRIVED! 😀 It has been a dramatic battle… you have no idea!

What’s important though is that we are a member of the EU since 2007!

Why are Bulgarians dark

Google Search_Bulgarians are NOT dark

What are you trying to say here, Google? Not only are you suggesting we are “DARK”, but that we are “SO DARK”!

Okay, I see where this comes from. You are trying to say that we are gypsies! We can also tell that you have read our blog post: >> How to piss off a Bulgarian <<

We are actually not “dark”, well, at least the majority of us is not. In fact many Bulgarians have more of a pale skin rather than a dark one. Throughout the Summer we get a bit tanned and sometimes we are a bit ORANGE (just like Trump) because tan beds are kind of popular in Bulgaria.

Here! Listen to that amusing song by the famous Bulgarian actress Nina Dobrev! Listen carefully and you will hear her saying:

“I’m tanned ’cause I’m Bulgarian…” 😀 (Not because I am a gypsy!)

The common misconception that we are dark (gypsies implied – just as a little disclaimer: here the talk is all about the etnicity group and not the skin color) is because the Roma (we are trying to be politically corrects here, shht!) minority is the third largest ethnic group in the country, or according to official data from 2011* out of 6 611 513 (total population of Bulgariа) 320 761 identify themselves as Romani! With 4.9% Romani, it seems that we are the country with the highest percentage of… well, gypsies in Europe!

Our gypsies like to travel a lot and share with everyone they meet that they are from Bulgaria, thus leaving the impression that ALL of us are “DARK” (= gypsies), when in fact their ethnic minority represents just 4,9 of the total population of our country.

Why are Bulgarians so pretty

Google Search_Bulgarian Beauty

Bulgarian women are famous for they beauty and that is known for a fact! If in doubt, come and see for yourself!

Here is a small preview that we have for you. This is the first Miss Bulgaria! Her name is Branimira Antonova and the year is 1967.

Miss Bulgaria_ Branimira

Bulgarians don’t smile

Bulgarians don't smile

Yes, if you smile, you lose! It’s a game we like to play!

To be honest, this one is partly true, partly not. Of course we do smile, but it’s not like you will see us walking on the streets with a big smile on, singing and jumping happily like a character from the movies. We are just not that kind of people! Our mentality is different and it is one that is pretty much typical for the Balkans.

We don’t like fake people, we are straight to the point kind of guys! We may seem like grumpy and unhappy at first sight, but if you get to know us you will see that we like to joke a lot, smile and have fun! Just like every other human being!

Do Bulgarians eat dog

Google Search_Bulgarians eat sunflower seeds1

Comeeeeee on! We don’t eat dogs, we eat humans! Joking. Joking here! Please note, or else we will have to explain another weird Google search!

We do eat princesses though now that I am thinking about it… Hmm… If you want to know more about it, you can check our blog post here: >> (Re)Discover Sofia: 10 Not So Common Things To Do <<

Bulgarians eat sunflowers seeds

You don’t eat sunflower seeds?! Shame on you! Shame! Shame Shame! Do you know that in some parts of Bulgaria eating sunflower seeds is a religion?? We call it “liupene na semki”! Usually we do it while we: watch TV, at a football game, while gossiping in front of our Soviet buildings, sitting in the park, walking around the Druzhba lake and so on.

We love to eat sunflower seeds so much that in the second biggest city of Bulgaria, Plovdiv, they had to eventually ban them in parks! The reason for that is that usually when we do it, we throw the parts of the seed we don’t eat right on the ground. Even though it’s all organic, it ain’t a beautiful sight.

Do Bulgarians drink much

Do Bulgarians drink a lot

Only keywords here. Do. Drink. Bulgaria. Much.

Yes. Drink. We. Bulgarians. Much. 😀

Don’t know what the statistics are saying and where we stand, but there ain’t no doubt Bulgarians do like to drink! The government may have forbidden us to make rakia “at home”, but that ain’t bothering us! Don’t get me started on our homemade wine…. We even have a holiday for it, which we celebrate on the same day as Valentine’s day!

Wine Day_Bulgaria



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