Adventure Hikes: The Boyana Waterfall, Sofia

“Vitosha mountain inspires me every time with its beautiful nature, full of surprises and secrets. Hiking to the Boyna waterfall was for me an adventure, a big adventure. It says u need only 1.45 h to reach the waterfall in slow mood, but with me it took 3 h… haha sorry my friends, hihi, I was so inspired by the nature. How the nature made for us all this beautiful views, or also the roads how we reach it. It feels like warm welcoming. When u think there is no way to overcome, there is always a way. After a long long walk we reached the waterfall and the feeling was amazing. So refreshing, all the pain goes away.”

Amazing Soko, the Mongolian in Bulgaria

If Sofia was a 5-year-old girl, she would say: “I have a waterfall and I have a mountain!”

But Sofia is not a little girl. Sofia is the big capital of the small country Bulgaria!

In 2014 we, the Bulgarians, were officially 7 202 198 in total.

1 256 667 of us (officially) live in the capital.

But, unofficially! – we are close to 2 million out of 7,2 living in Sofia.

The 2 million often would say “Sofia sucks”. The answer is simple, the decision of the problem even simpler (отивайте си на село 😀 ).



Vitosha mountain is less that 30 minutes away from the center of Sofia. And it’s not a hill, it’s a real mountain! Imagine – 2290 m.

People say: “On a clear day you can see the Boyana waterfall from the center of the city.”

The central street of Sofia is named after Vitosha mountain. We call it Vitoshka (Витошка).


You need to get on bus 64 (click here to see the bus stop) and take off at station Boyansko hanche (Боянско ханче). When you are there – best way to go is to ask for directions. You will have to go straight until you reach the actual path through the mountain, that will lead you to the waterfalls. From that point on, it’s about 2 hours walk.

On the way, while you are still in the Boyana quarter, you will pass by the Boyana Church. The church is constructed in the late 10th century and is a part of the UNESCO Word Heritage. Make sure to check it out, it’s definitely worth it.


– There is no mineral water along the way, neither at the waterfalls. Consider having enough for the day.

– Plan your time – from the center of the city to the center of the Boyana quarter you need tops 1 hour (using public transportation). From the bus stop Boyansko hanche to the waterfall – 2 hours, + or – . Enjoying the waterfall, having a snack, etc. – you decide. The way back – let’s say again 2 hours. Depending on the season, you might want to get back before the sun starts to set, because it gets pretty dark in the forest and the road is bumpy.

– At the beginning you have a choice between two paths – one that is easier to walk and takes 2 hours, and one that is more steep and should only take one hour. If it’s icy or rainy you should rather not take the steep one.



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